Redefining education through digital transformation, with today’s digital tech, schools and students can do remarkable things. We help educators identify future trends and think big, even when starting small.

We offers learning solutions for schools, colleges, and universities

Learning Management and Online Assessment Systems

TEC Education practice offers a next-generation  Learning Management System to ensure accurate assessment and superior learning outcomes for the education system. Our LMS is designed to address gaps in assimilating knowledge and chart a personalized learning pathway for students.

Digital assurance for next-gen education system

Our education enablement solution transforms the student journey—via the combined offerings of marketing and ad operations, content operations and analytics—to reduce cost per student acquisition and shrink program break-even investments for the institution.

Technology Service Providers

Our artificial intelligence, machine learning, and business platforms drive automation and transformation across learning and administrative processes in higher education. Our Digital Marketing team collaborates with education technology service providers to engage with students by delivering immersive content and undertaking contextualized campaigns for a personalized learning pathway.

TEC designs solutions for students, parents, administrators, and the teaching faculty. Our ecosystem harnesses artificial intelligence, automation, cloud, machine learning, and mobile technologies for the education system.

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