Our Products


Prenza is a personalized all in one app that provides a single destination for all the newspapers, magazines, news channels, weather and stocks that you care about. Enjoy access to thousands of news sources, leading magazines and specialized publications. Also, watch your favourite news channels for free and that too live. Prenza is a comprehensive and personalized view of headline stories and local news & weather. Whether you want to quickly scan today’s headlines, or find in-depth articles and videos about your personal interests, Prenza saves your time by presenting personalized suggestions just for you, with the perfect and innovative blend of AI and ML i.e. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. From breaking news to entertainment to sports, jobs and everyday interests, when it happens in the world, you never miss it.

QR code and Barcode scanner and generator

This is not only an application, this is just a super effective tool to scan and generate QR or Barcode scanner. It scans perfectly almost every time smoothly. It has a simple, straightforward, apparently great user interface to interact with its features. We represented three major feature; Scanner, Generator and Result History with a Bottom Navigator. It has increased usability a lot. Scanner dynamically detects content type within a single panel without toggling camera view. The user will be able to toggle camera flash, autofocus by the semitransparent on-screen button on the camera view.


MRAW, a perfect productivity based platform which encapsulates many features in one. It offers freedom to the user by showcasing their interesting piece of stories and experiences in interactive card shuffling format. Another cool feature is in regards to Budget Planner which enables to keep a direct record of incoming and outgoing transactions. Scheduler, one of the notable features for the user to add, schedule an event with details and also enabling to port in PDF format. Besides this, it carries another exciting aspect in the form of a key feature known as Notes where one can capture data in multiple media hence making easy and convenient for any user to retrieve the stored.


JauntBee is created for every traveler and vulnerable individual by Neonex Technology. Jaunt means pleasure or short trip and Bee stands for diligent effort. We, the team, have been concerned about the lack of safety of kids, women, and elderly in India and hence in our spare time, without the motivation of making a single penny, created this app for a Better World.

NGEP(Next Genration Edtech Platform)

To do skilling and reskilling of students and to breach the gap between academics and industrial pattern. We have developed tools techniques and platforms to revolutionize the education sector.